Vermut is the digital platform that demonstrates that age is just a number

"We have created the place of people with life experience"

We are convinced that each stage of life has its potential and we will get the maximum of people over 55 years old

We have the conviction that an active life and with significant links is a life full of vitality, energy and joy Therefore, Vermut wants to be your best friend; who recommends the best plans, motivates you to continue learning and presents interesting people

We have developed an ecosystem where you can find what you are looking for, and much more The pillars that define us are security, supply diversity and incredible people, And it is for what you are going to see in everything we develop, and even in the collaborators we have

We are what we do,
What are you going to do with Vermut this week?

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Vermut community

A community full of life awaits you, with open minds and that they don't stay still. The diversity of interest is enormous, but you will find many fans of culture, gastronomy, travel and physical activity. There is never a boring conversation.

The priority is that significant links are generated in the context of unique experiences. Everyone here have been new and members are still added every day, if there is something that you will not feel is uncomfortable. All are here to welcome you.

Vermut team

We are a young and dynamic

We do not give up easily, we like challenges and moves to create a real impact on the society

We are growing in number and we want to create inspiration in more cities around the world

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