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Fort Lauderdale Meet & Greet ONLINE

Jeff Sassano


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First Vermut Meet & Greet

Join us for the first-ever Vermut Meet & Greet, hosted by our founder! It's the perfect occasion for those 55+ to forge new friendships, dive into shared interests, and revel in activities tailored just for you. Set in a friendly and engaging atmosphere, this event promises an afternoon filled with laughter, connection, and discovery, embodying our belief that age is merely a number.

Whether you're keen on discovering new hobbies, seeking companions for your next adventure, or simply in the mood for enriching conversations, this gathering is your gateway to expanding your social network within the lively Vermut community.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to meet the founder, learn more about Vermut's vision for a community where every day is an invitation to explore, and kickstart your journey with us. We'll provide refreshments and a range of accessible activities to ensure everyone has a fantastic time.

Secure your spot today for an unforgettable introduction to the world of Vermut, where friendships bloom and life is an endless exploration. We're excited to welcome you and look forward to the incredible stories and connections that will emerge.

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Jeff Sassano
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